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Protect Your Apple Devices from Known Security Exploits

According to Apple Inc. and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, vulnerabilities have recently been discovered on macOS Monterey, iOS, iPadOS and Safari browsers that could allow hackers to take control of a device’s operating system and execute arbitrary code as well as craft malicious web content. A hacker with full administrative access to the […]
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How to Handle Cryptocurrency in Estate Planning

Unlike other assets, which can generally be identified and accessed with appropriate documentation, cryptocurrency differs fundamentally from a “custody and control” point of view. Cryptocurrency cannot be transacted or “controlled” without the private key(s) associated with the wallet/address where it is stored. Assuming you even know the crypto exists, without these keys, all the certified […]
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NGH Advises Family Lawyers on Illegally Obtained Evidence

When plaintiffs and defendants in family law cases use emails, texts, and other electronic communications to bolster their cases, they may be crossing an ethical or legal line. That’s the message in a recent article by NGH Group CEO Nicholas G. Himonidis in the spring issue of Family Advocate magazine, a national publication of the […]
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NGH Group Shares Digital Insights at Prestigious Legal & Business Valuation Conference

NGH Group CEO Nicholas G. Himonidis will be a featured speaker at the 2022 Divorce Conference sponsored by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) and Business Valuation Resources (BVR). The annual event focuses on the most pressing issues facing the divorce valuation discipline. Himonidis, a legal, forensic, and cryptocurrency expert with multiple certifications, will […]
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Monero Image for Cryptocurrency Expertis Post

NYT Taps Nick Himonidis for Cryptocurrency Expertise

When the New York Times needed an expert for an article on divorcing spouses hiding assets using cryptocurrency, they contacted NGH Group CEO Nicholas G. Himonidis. The attorney and cryptocurrency forensics expert shared several instances of finding crypto assets hidden by divorcing spouses. A forensic search of one laptop found $700,000 in the privacy coin […]
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NGH Offers Insights on Cyber-Crime and Cyber Sleuthing

In an exclusive interview, NGH Group CEO Nicholas G. Himonidis shares insights on digital investigations, his passion for what he does, and industry trends and predictions. Host Ronnie Deaver featured Nick on the Evolving with The Times (Family Lawyer Edition) podcast. During the one-hour program, Nick takes a deep dive into: How he got started […]
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