Litigation Support

In addition to our best-in-class Digital Forensics and e-Discovery services, The NGH Group can provide expert litigation support and assistance with all of the following:

Expert Witness Profiles and Pre-screening

With a staff of professionals across a wide range of technical and forensic disciplines, and a network of numerous other experts in various fields, The NGH Group can assist you in finding a qualified expert to consult or provide testimony in just about any technical area. We can also be very effective in vetting the credentials, qualifications and history of experts you are considering, or those already retained by the opposing side.

Locating & Interviewing Fact Witnesses

Digital and physical evidence, presented properly, can be instrumental in litigation. But sometimes, the testimony of a ‘lay witness’ regarding critical facts is what is required. When the witness in question proves difficult to find, either because you have little to go on, or the witness is actively ‘laying low’ – The NGH Group’s investigative team can track them down, make contact and attempt to interview that important witness. We have an impressive track record of locating individuals – including those who don’t want to be found.

Collecting and Preserving Physical Evidence / Physical Forensics

While much less prevalent than digital evidence in civil litigation, collection, preservation and examination of physical evidence may be required, and it certainly plays a prominent role in criminal defense matters. The NGH Group and its partners provide physical forensic services including:

  • Collection and Examination of Latent Fingerprints

  • Hair and Fiber Analysis

  • Ballistics and Firearms Operability

  • Shooting Scene Reconstruction

  • Forensic Document Examination & Handwriting Analysis

  • Forensic Chemistry / Testing of Known and Unknown Substances

  • DNA Analysis

Preparation of Subpoenas for Technical Information

When seeking the production of technical information such as email headers, identification of Internet Protocol Addresses, Cell Tower Location Data from parties via discovery and non-parties via subpoena, you need to know who to request the information from and specifically what to ask for and how.  The NGH Group personnel have written hundreds of technical subpoenas and can assist counsel in this process, ensuring the right information is requested in the proper format from the correct party the first time.

Assisting with Depositions and Cross Examination of Technical Experts

Our court qualified expert witnesses and attorneys with substantial technical experience can assist counsel in preparing to effectively depose or cross examine an opposing technical expert. We can also attend depositions and observe court testimony of opposing experts, to provide real-time assistance to counsel in cross examination.

Video, Photographic & Audio Preservation of Evidentiary Matters

Everyone with a smartphone (which seems to be just about everyone) has a video and audio recorder handy at all times these days. While recordings by witnesses to spontaneous events may be admissible under some circumstances, the evidentiary quality and authenticity of such recordings are often subject to challenge. If counsel or their clients have advance notice of events worthy of being memorialized, and want to ensure the highest probability of that evidence being admissible, the documentation should be done by professionals – and not by professional ‘videographers’ or audio sound engineers.

It should be done by professionals with expertise in collecting and preserving digital evidence for use in litigation which requires adherence to a set of requirements other professionals are simply not aware of or accustomed to.