Forensic-Quality Online Content Capture in Hours, Not Days or Weeks

Online content can be crucial evidence to you and your client:

  • It can show a purportedly injured individual challenging friends to go bungee jumping.
  • It can reveal hidden assets.
  • It can show that a competitor is violating trademark, copyright, or patent rights.

The problems: Online information can disappear quickly. Key data can be buried deep in social media feeds or  complex websites. Finding that information can be expensive and time-consuming, and, to be of value as evidence, it must be captured and preserved in a totally defensible forensic manner.

  • Manually downloading information or using DIY tools to make screen shots can take in-house staff members days or weeks.
  • Existing automated web content capture tools can miss information or only download portions of websites. Plus, most of these tools no longer work on major social media platforms.

Content that isn’t captured fully and completely as it appears online—supported by necessary technical data and forensic markers—may be inadmissible.

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A Better Solution

NGH WebGrab, the NGH Group’s online content capture service, is different. Using technology built for law enforcement and high-tech investigators, it captures web-based information quickly, efficiently and in a forensically sound manner.

Most projects take hours, not days or weeks, and cost a fraction of the fees of other services.

This state-of-the-art platform can also download content from social media sites that other tools can’t. Because other tools use an API (application programming interface) to access websites, the leading social media sites block their access and won’t allow content to be captured. Our technology uses a completely different approach, allowing complete access to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. And because of the way the technology works, the subject under investigation won’t even know the content has been downloaded.

Orders of Magnitude Faster

Recently, a client needed to capture and preserve 28 Facebook accounts of individuals involved in litigation who knew their online activities might be subject to scrutiny. The client was concerned these individuals would take down or alter their Facebook pages, making it imperative to capture the information ASAP.

Manually downloading the information would have taken a team of analysts three or more days and cost more than $65K. The NGH Group’s technology downloaded all of that information in less than a day, saving the client almost $45K.


Social Media Accounts (Full forensic capture of entire account, except video content)

  • 1 – 10 Accounts: $950 per account
  • 11 – 20 Accounts: $875 per account
  • 20+ Accounts: Contact NGH Group for pricing

Entire Websites (all content except video)

  • Small to medium websites (up to 25 URLs): $1,500
  • Large websites (more than 25 URLs): $2,500

Video Content

Billed at $325/hour


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Data That Meets the Strictest Guidelines

Don’t pull staff from existing projects for days or weeks to download online content—only to wind up with screenshots or PDFs that may not be admissible.

The NGH Group can provide complete content downloads in an authenticated format that meets or exceeds court and regulatory standards for data authenticity and integrity, including the guidelines for strong legal evidence as described in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence.

Captured data includes time stamps with an RFC 316-compliant Time Stamp Authority (TSA), providing irrefutable evidence that the data existed at a particular moment in time and has not been altered since. In addition, a combination of unique file hashes and SHA 256-bit digital signatures ensure data integrity and authenticity, and captures are saved locally to maintain chain of custody.

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