Electronically Stored Information

Electronic discovery or “e-Discovery” for short, is the exchange of Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) between parties in formal legal proceedings or in connection with governmental / regulatory inquiries and investigations. It is both a requirement and a practical necessity in most litigation and is legally mandated in many other situations as well.

The Ability to Handle Diverse and Complex ESI

As the volume of ESI created and stored by businesses and individuals has increased exponentially over the years, and the location and format of that ESI has become increasingly diverse and complex, the need to engage qualified outside professionals to provide assistance in handling e-Discovery matters has become a necessity.

E-Discovery is a critical service, and must be performed to exacting standards, with strict quality controls to ensure compliance with legal demands. It can be quite costly, depending on the scope of the matter, but that does not mean it has to be exorbitantly (or as in some cases, unconscionably) expensive.


With careful planning, and the application of proven, validated collection and processing protocols that are orders of magnitude more efficient and more cost effective than the methods employed by many large e-Discovery outfits, The NGH Group and its partners can handle virtually any size e-Discovery engagement quickly and completely, and usually at a fraction of the cost of what most other firms would charge for the project.

Massive Computing Power, Legal and Technical Expertise

We have the necessary tools, personnel, legal and technical expertise and computing power to handle even the largest e-Discovery projects quickly, thoroughly and affordably.

This includes the technology and requisite experience to collect many forms of ESI remotely, eliminating costly travel time and expense. Our e-Discovery model, which we are happy to discuss and present to clients in detail before starting any project, make us equally adept at handling huge projects involving many terabytes of diverse data sources, as well as smaller e-Discovery projects, providing the same high quality, professional level of service on an extremely cost-effective basis.