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Crazy Money Podcast Features Nick Himonidis

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The podcast Crazy Money with Paul Ollinger recently featured NGH Group CEO Nick Himonidis in the episode “Finding Hidden Assets in Divorce Discovery with Nick Himonidis.”

With the experience of finding tens of millions of dollars in undisclosed assets, Mr. Himonidis offers insights into:

  • How he and his colleagues go about their work
  • Why you’ll probably get caught if you try to hide assets in a divorce proceeding
  • How to hire and work with a professional investigator while searching for assets

Mr. Himonidis also discusses the importance of vetting prospective investigators to ensure they operate within legal guidelines and with a high degree of professional ethics.

Whether the hidden assets are foreign bank accounts, cash equivalents in a safe deposit box, undisclosed real estate, or hundreds of thousands in cryptocurrency, learn how professionals find these assets by listening to this episode of the Crazy Money with Paul Ollinger podcast.