The NGH Group is a licensed, bonded Private Investigation Firm

Our personnel have conducted tens of thousands of hours of investigation in civil and criminal matters over the past quarter century – AND we are uniquely positioned to address the reality that virtually all investigations today involve digital evidence in some form or fashion and successful investigative outcomes require the skills and resources to identify and recover that evidence.

Efficient and conclusive resolution to cases

The NGH Group leverages all of our formidable technological expertise and experience to find and recover the required evidence, whether tangible or digital, and deliver other high-tech approaches to traditional investigative issues, resulting in more efficient and conclusive resolution to cases.

The NGH Group is experienced and extraordinarily well positioned to handle all of the following types of investigations:

Financial / Asset Investigations

Fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations (GLB, FCRA) The NGH Group can assist you in locating assets and obtaining financial information about businesses and individuals anywhere in the U.S. or abroad.  Our personnel are former financial crimes investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners, forensic accountants, attorneys, and forensic experts who know how to (and how NOT to) obtain information about a subject’s assets and finances, and how to locate critical digital evidence others frequently miss or don’t even know to look for.   

Embezzlement / Theft of Intellectual Property / Internal Fraud

U.S. businesses lose hundreds of billions to fraud and theft annually.  Insider fraud and theft is one of the major sources, and over 25% of these “incidents” involve over $1.0 million being stolen.  The NGH Group has extensive experience dealing with fraud committed by insiders, we have the official credentials to prove it (Certified Fraud Examiner status – the only professional certification formally recognized by the FBI as encompassing a "critical skill set" for investigators), and we have proven strategies to effectively investigate these incidents and obtain admissible evidence against the perpetrators.

Product Counterfeiting / Trademark & Copyright Infringement

Counterfeit products and grey market goods are a huge (and illegal) business costing legitimate brand holders over $600 Billion dollars annually.  The damage is not just in lost sales, but adulteration of brand reputation for quality, which may have taken decades and cost tens of millions to achieve.  Whether the counterfeit goods are online or in a retail location The NGH Group can identify those involved and secure evidence of these crimes.  We have worked with brand holders from around the world, their attorneys and with state and federal law enforcement to identify counterfeiters, locate and seize counterfeit goods, and obtain critical evidence establishing everything from import / export channels to local distribution – shutting the counterfeiters down for good. 


Conducting physical surveillance may be the most time intensive and costly tool in an investigator's arsenal.  The NGH Group seeks to identify more efficient approaches to investigative issues where possible, but when physical surveillance becomes necessary, we are not only up to the task, but we are also constantly innovating to leverage every possible technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of physical surveillance operations.  Our highly trained surveillance teams are equipped with the most modern surveillance equipment available, from "smart GPS" technology, the latest in covert audio and video recorders, to manned and unmanned surveillance vehicles and the absolute latest in UAV (drone) surveillance technology.  If we are going to engage in surveillance, we do everything possible to ensure its success, and our record of positive results proves this out.

Sexual Harassment / Claims of Workplace Misconduct

Incidents of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct allegations in the workplace are sharply on the rise.   Investigating these allegations promptly and thoroughly is critical to mitigating potential employer liability and experts agree this is best handled by qualified, outside professionals.  In most of these cases today there will be digital evidence of some kind.  Collection, preservation and authentication of that evidence as quickly as possible by disinterested outside professionals (as opposed to in-house IT personnel) may be critical to sorting out what actually did - or did not occur.  The NGH Group can respond quickly and discreetly, providing invaluable assistance to management and their legal team(s) in these tense, time sensitive situations. 

Background Investigations / Due Diligence

Standing at arm’s length can be a very dangerous place.  The modern reality is that businesses need to know who they are dealing with.  It is increasingly critical for legal, liability and security reasons to know as much as possible about vendors, contractors, employees, customers in significant transactions, and potential business partners.   The NGH Group and its partners have extensive experience in background / due diligence investigations, and here again, we leverage every available technology to conduct these investigations in the most thorough, efficient, and legally compliant manner to assist clients in assessing and managing these risks.

Stalking / Harassment

Few things are more unsettling than being the victim of a stalker. Whether “traditional” stalking, or Cyber Stalking, the NGH Group has the resources to help you regain peace of mind.  We have extensive experience assessing these threats, and unlike many others, we have the technical skills to identify the guilty parties and obtain evidence of their conduct – which are key to resolving these situations – either directly or by involving the authorities.  If the latter is warranted, we know who to contact – and how to present the case on your behalf.  We can assist you in regaining your ‘digital privacy’ and in extreme cases, we can arrange for any level of physical security that is warranted until the situation is resolved.

White Collar Criminal Cases / Governmental Investigations

Prosecutors and government regulators provide an invaluable public service – when they have their facts straight, and operate within the bounds of their public mandate.   Too often however, innocent parties find themselves being investigated or prosecuted by overzealous, overreaching government authorities, who do not possess, or have wrongly evaluated, the evidence.   These complex high stakes matters can make or break careers, ruin lucrative businesses and result in tremendous fines and potential loss of freedoms.  Whether defending a charge of wrongdoing, or responding to a governmental inquiry or investigation, The NGH Group will work effectively with legal counsel to identify, collect, evaluate (and produce, where required) potentially critical digital and tangible evidence quickly in a legally appropriate manner.  The importance of this cannot be understated.  This is essential to thorough and accurate compliance with subpoenas and other compulsory demands – which is often the key to speedy resolution of these matters.  If and when charges are levied, having done this work thoroughly and properly will assist in a mounting a vigorous defense.  The NGH Group has the required skills and experience to be provide this essential element of support in these matters.