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NGH Group Certified in Chainalysis Reactor, the World’s Leading Crypto/Blockchain Investigation Platform

Following a rigorous vetting process and extensive education and training, the NGH Group is now one of the few private-sector firms certified in the use of Chainalysis Reactor, the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain investigation tool. Until recently, this ground-breaking technology was only available to law enforcement, government agencies, financial regulators, and financial institutions that operated in the crypto space.

Full access to this comprehensive suite of tools allows the NGH Group to trace crypto funds and analyze transactions to pinpoint intersections between cryptocurrency and fiat currency—a critical step to finding and pursuing recovery of crypto assets. Reactor also permits the identification of crypto addresses and wallets that appear to be controlled by the same person or entity, assets that may not have been previously disclosed. 

“Identifying and tracing crypto assets differs fundamentally from any other form of financial investigation, and it requires very high-tech tools and methodologies,” notes NGH Group founder and CEO Nicholas G. Himonidis, a Certified Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigator and qualified expert witness in cryptocurrency forensics. “Through Chainalysis Reactor, the NGH Group can now provide law firms, forensic accountants and other financial professionals, and even law enforcement with more accurate, more comprehensive, and far more efficient cryptocurrency investigations than previously possible.

 “For anyone needing to identify or trace crypto assets and activity in a divorce proceeding, commercial transaction, hacking, theft, or scam case, this is a game changer.”

 With multiple certifications in the digital forensic field, as well as a background as a practicing attorney, Himonidis is considered one of the country’s leading experts in the field. Recognizing that expertise, the New York State Bar Association appointed Himonidis to its recently formed Task Force on Emerging Digital Finance and Currency. 

 For assistance with cryptocurrency and blockchain investigations, or help with other high-tech investigative solutions, contact the NGH Group.