Digital Forensics

Digital Evidence

Over 95% of information (data) in the world is created and stored digitally and much of it exists ONLY in digital form.   When that data becomes relevant to prove or disprove facts in controversy in a legal proceeding, an investigation or other situation, that data becomes ‘digital evidence’ – and it needs to be collected, preserved, evaluated and handled properly, by trained professionals. 

Leveraging state-of-the-art forensic solutions with extensive technical, legal and investigative experience, The NGH Group produces relevant, admissible evidence in a timely manner – and where required, is fully prepared to give expert testimony regarding that evidence.

Analysts, Technicians and Engineers

The NGH Group forensic analysts, technicians and engineers collect and preserve digital evidence in a forensically-sound manner from desktop and laptop computers, tablets, mobile devices, servers, external storage devices and cloud based solutions in accordance with legal and technical best practices. All evidence is handled in accordance with strict Standard Operating Procedures, maintaining a meticulous Chain of Custody (and documentation of same) at all times.

Digital evidence is processed and analyzed by our technicians, analysts and forensic engineers using cutting edge digital forensic hardware and software tools to maximize recovery and extraction of relevant data as quickly as possible.

You can rely on The NGH Group to be your trusted partner to provide these specialized services in a responsive, professional manner time and time again

Recovery and Admissibility of Digital Evidence

Our approach to digital forensic examination is ‘non-product’ specific, utilizing virtually all (as opposed to one or a few) of the leading forensic processing and examination tools available to the private sector today, as well as certain proprietary solutions, which have been carefully validated to ensure their reliability.

More and more, the recovery and admissibility of digital evidence is becoming a key determining factor in legal and investigative situations. Whether supporting a litigation effort, an internal investigation (such as embezzlement or theft of Intellectual Property) or other situation, proper collection, preservation, handling and analysis of the digital evidence is an essential component.

Digital Compromise Investigations / Digital Defense ‘101’

The NGH Group also specializes in examining computing devices (and systems) for evidence of compromise (‘hacking’, the installation of ‘spyware’, malware or other ‘legitimate software’ used for illicit purposes such as unlawful interception of communications), working with parties to formulate responses when it appears they have been victims of this type of activity, and consulting with clients to provide concrete action steps to resolve these issues.

We refer to this process as ‘Digital Defense 101’. This is not ‘run of the mill IT security’ - but a concrete series of actions and protocols developed specifically for those individuals who have been victimized by targeted ‘cyber stalking’, ‘digital espionage,’ theft of confidential data and / or interception of their electronic communications.