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Nick Himonidis invited to speak on Cryptocurrency in Divorce Litigation at 2019 NADP conference in Ft. Lauderdale

As an expert in computer forensics, financial investigation and the highly specialized field of cryptocurrency investigation, I am very proud to have been chosen as an expert speaker at the National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP) annual conference.  I am encouraged to see that an organization such as the NADP recognizes the growing importance of cryptocurrencies and their potential impact in divorce litigation. 

As Bitcoin (and others) have increased in value from virtually worthless a decade ago to well over $3.5K(USD) per Bitcoin today, they have also achieved wide spread acceptance as a means of exchange and as investments.  Unfortunately, their potential for use as a vehicle to hide assets and make illicit transfers by parties in matrimonial litigation is a growing and very real concern.  While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be ‘psuedo anonymous – there are proven methods to identify their existence and potentially track them.  This program, presented jointly with forensic accountant Mark DiMichael of Citrin Cooperman, will provide a basic understanding of how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies operate, discuss their potential impact on a matrimonial litigation, and provide strategies to address these risks when conducting financial discovery.      

The NADP conference is for ALL professionals that work with their clients going through the complex process of divorce.  This conference will educate and enlighten professionals in the legal, financial, mental health and real estate fields about divorce and how they can help their clients have a better experience in the process.  For more information on the conference please click here:

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